david f sandberg - This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday David F. Sandberg

This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday David F. Sandberg

Born on this day in 1981: director David F. Sandberg

Swedish director Sandberg got his start creating animated shorts, which garnered him attention and eventually led to animation and documentary projects. As someone who always wanted to work in the horror and sci-fi genres, Sandberg began to focus on horror short films.

His second short film, “Lights Out,” became a viral success and garnered attention from Hollywood. Producer Lawrence Grey brought in James Wan to help produce a feature length version of Lights Out. The film, like the short, follows an evil presence that can only be seen, and only strike, when the lights are out. The film also deals with issues of depression and mental illness.

After Lights Out, Sandberg went on to direct Annabelle: Creation, part of The Conjuring universe and the second Annabelle film. From there, he went on to direct Shazam! for Warner Bros. Sandberg is said to be working on sequels to both Lights Out and Shazam!

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