THE BEYOND Issue #2 Goes On Sale This Friday, January 24th

Our home slice Shawn from Eibon Press hit us up with an update on The Beyond Issue #2 (and Wasteland 1989). Read all about it below!

First, an update on Wasteland 1989. The books landed today and they look absolutely amazing!  These are thick 60-page suckers too. And you get an ultimate value this time, because every issue is a BOOK AND RECORD SET!  Just wait until you hear the audio we put together for this story. It really makes the action come alive as you read, just like the cover says.  The CD is over an hour-long, with the full audio dramatization of the double-issue story, done just like a movie soundtrack, plus you get plenty of BONUS TRACKS. And it’s all shipping real soon.  I should have the sleeves, extras and CDs this coming week and we will begin assembly. I will post another update when assembly begins next week but everyone should see tracking numbers towards the end of the month. For now check out some pics of the books. 

Now on to The Beyond. 

Everyone that pre-ordered The Beyond #1 should have their packages by now, and based on the feedback we’ve received everyone is digging the hell out of them. If you haven’t done so yet, please post pics on your social media pages and tag us, unboxing videos are fun too, word of mouth helps spread the Eibon Press Word tremendously!

Anyway, I’m really excited to unleash The Beyond issue #2.

I’ve been reading my proof copy for the past 2 weeks and I’m truly in love with it. I think this issue is even better than the first one. Stephen, Pat and Bruna have once again taken it to another level.  It’s a very faithful adaptation of the story, with every scene from the film, reverent in every way to Fulci’s vision. But it’s also an EXPANDED VISION that goes beyond the film and explores never-before-told back histories, new gore, and an intense look into Liza Merrill’s childhood that will blow your fucking minds.  (There’s even a cool-as-shit cameo appearance in one of the flashbacks from Olga Karlatos of ZOMBIE!)  Beyond fans REJOICE! Everything goes on sale NEXT FRIDAY January 24th at 7pm Pacific!As usual we have 3 different editions to match every budget.

First up we have our jam-packaged Psycho Edition. Signed, Numbered, and Personalized.

In this Psycho Edition you get THREE Beyond #2 comics, TWO variant covers, a Joe The Plumber mini poster, an amazing High Polished Gold Symbol Of Eibon Enamel Pin that comes in an awesome hand screen-printed black velvet bag PLUS ALL THE EXTRAS from the Signature and Standard Editions and MORE! Only 100 printed, take a look at all the PSYCHO HOTNESS:

Next up we have our Signature Edition! 

All Signature Editions come signed and numbered on the comics themselves by Stephen Romano, plus you get an art print of Pat’s amazing painted cover art signed by Stephen, TWO exclusive trading cards and MORE! Check it all out:

Finally we have our Standard Edition. 

Each Standard Edition comes with TWO Exclusive Trading Cards: 

See you in the store FRIDAY January 24th at 7pm Pacific! 

2020 looks good at Eibon and our deepest thanks goes out to all of you for hanging with us over the years.  We promise to keep making the best, most intense and collectible comics on the scene!  SO be proud!  You’re a motherfucking Eibonite!

Are you excited to check out The Beyond Issue #2 and/or Wasteland 89? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! You can also carry on the convo with me personally on Twitter @josh_millican.



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