DEMONS Director & Star Reteam For New Film Closely Tied To Original

DEMONS Director Star Reteam For New Film Closely Tied To Original 750x422 - DEMONS Director & Star Reteam For New Film Closely Tied To Original

Lamberto Bava, son of Mario Bava and director of Demons and Demons 2, has a brand new project in the works that will see him teaming up with Demons star Geretta Geretta on a new movie that will have “DNA closely tied to Bava’s original Demons film.”

Delirium Magazine reports that the all-new horror movie is anchored in history and is set to go to shoot next year. It will be written and directed by Geretta and co-produced and presented by Bava, who said this regarding his involvement in the new picture:

This is my way of bridging the past with the present and future. It’s like when Dario ‘presented’ DEMONS, so I will do the same with this picture.”

Kansas Bowling (writer, director of Troma’s B.C. Butcher) will produce and photograph the flick which is set and will be shot in the “shadowy, supernatural corners of New Orleans.” Bowling will shoot the movie in 16mm with D.P. Michael Shershenovich.

Dario Argento produced and co-wrote the original film, which was set within a huge, cathedral-like Berlin cinema showing an invitation-only screening of a rather lame slasher film. The difference, of course, is that the cheap scares on the Metropol’s screen are child’s play compared to the horrors which soon emerge to lay hold of the unsuspecting filmgoers: when a young woman is scratched by part of a display in the theatre lobby, she begins to mutate into a fanged, slavering creature who then attacks other audience members, spreading the demonic infection until only a handful of survivors are forced to combat rampaging armies of inhuman beasts.

It’s as awesome as it sounds.

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