This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday Angela Bettis

Born on this day in 1973: actress/director/producer Angela Bettis

A darling of indie horror, Bettis is best known to horror fans for the eponymous role in May. May is a timid, lonely young woman who follows her mother’s advice and “makes” her own friend – out of those that spurned her. May began Bettis’ working relationship with writer/director Lucky McKee. She later went on to provide voice over for his film The Woodsand appeared as the wife of a man who captures a feral woman in McKee’s film The Woman. Her feature directorial debut was Roman, based on a script by McKee.

Some of Bettis’ other horror projects include Wicked Lake, Bless the Child, Scar, The ABCs of Death, Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales, and Toolbox Murders. On television, she played Carrie in a made-for-TV-movie of Carrie, based on Stephen King’s novel; an episode of Masters of Horror (directed by McKee); and two episodes of Dexter.



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