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This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday Corey Haim

Born on this day in 1971: Corey Haim

Troubled child actor Corey Haim Is best known for his role in The Lost Boys. In The Lost Boys, Haim played Sam Emerson, the younger brother of Mike, who falls in with a vampire gang. Sam sets out to cure his brother before he goes through the full vampire transition. It was on The Lost Boys that Haim met Corey Feldman, and the two became lifelong best friends. They were often referred to as “The Two Coreys” and even recorded a reality show for A&E with that title.

Unfortunately, the other thing Haim was well known for was his drug problems. He was addicted  to cocaine, crack, and various prescription drugs throughout his short life. Haim went into rehab a total of fifteen times, but sobriety never lasted more than a few weeks.

Haim died in 2010 at the age of thirty-eight. It was assumed that his death was attributed to an overdose, in part because he had used false names to “doctor shop,” and received 553 pills from seven doctors in thirty-two days. However, an autopsy revealed his main cause of death was of complications due to pneumonia.