PSA: JACKASS 4 Coming in March 2021!

Jackass 4 Coming in March 2021 750x422 - PSA: JACKASS 4 Coming in March 2021!

While this is not horror news, per se, I think you guys would like to know that Paramount has announced Jackass 4 will be hitting a theater near you on March 5, 2021.

This release date means the new Jackass motion picture will be going head-to-head with Sony’s Masters of the Universe movie starring Noah Centineo.

Jackass was created by Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze, and Jeff Tremaine who also directed.

It originally aired for three seasons on MTV between 2000 and 2002. After the show’s 2002 cancellation, four features were released including Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number Two, Jackass 3D, and Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.

Not to mention a handful of spin-offs including Wildboyz, Viva La Bam, Homewrecker, Bam’s Unholy Union, and Dr. Steve-O.

The cast included Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Ryan Dunn (RIP), Ehren McGhehey, Preston Lacy, and Wee Man with Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze, Dimitry Elyashkevich, Rick Kosick, Lance Bangs, and Manny Puig guest-starring here and there.

For those that need a primer, Jackass: The Movie follows Knoxville and his crew of lunatics as they prank, embarrass and torture each other in the name of fun. The antics range from childlike — the boys don panda suits for a romp through Tokyo — to grotesque and life-threatening. A golf cart demolition derby turns dangerous while gators nearly chomp Steve-O, and director Spike Jonze and Knoxville, in heavy makeup, test the public’s patience for the elderly.

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