This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday Jennifer Carpenter

Jennifer Carpenter 750x422 - This Day in Horror: Happy Birthday Jennifer Carpenter

Born on this day in 1979: Jennifer Carpenter

Best known for her role in Dexter, Carpenter first came to attention with the leading role in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The film opens with her character, Emily Rose, dead, and the film follows the trial of the priest who performed the exorcism during which she died. Emily Rose’s story is told in flashbacks during the trial. The film was based loosely on the real-life story of Annaliese Michel, a German woman whose epilepsy and psychiatric illnesses were blamed on demonic possession. 

In Dexter, Carpenter played Detective Debra Morgan, the foul-mouthed adoptive sister to Dexter, a Miami crime scene investigator by day, serial killer by night. She earned a Saturn Award for the role in 2009.

Carpenter played the lead in Quarantine, the American remake of [REC], about a zombie virus that spreads across the city; and appeared in The Devil’s Hand, a horror film set within a religious cult.



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