Trailer: Cult Classics Presents Sid Haig’s Final “Torah-fying” Flick, HANUKKAH

Many horror fans are still reeling from the passing of icon Sid Haig earlier this year, and many considered his final appearance as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell to be his swan song. Not so! Haig’s final film is Hanukkah, a Hebrew Holiday-themed horror movie. Cult Classics is launching its “Friday Night Frights” series with a special Sid Haig tribute – the Arizona premiere of this “Torah-fying Tale of Horah” on Friday, December 13th at Silver Cinemas!

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A group of Jewish young adults are preparing for the holidays but are in for a Festival of Frights. With the help of a wise Rabbi, they deduce that they are being targeted because they have violated Judaic law and that their only chance of survival is to embrace their faith.

In addition to Haig, Hanukkah stars Charles Fleischer, PJ Soles, Caroline Williams, and Dick Miller; the film is written and directed by Eben McGarr.

hanukkah 2019 poster 1024x1536 - Trailer: Cult Classics Presents Sid Haig's Final "Torah-fying" Flick, HANUKKAH

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