Check Out Our Exclusive Clip from STAR LIGHT

StarLight2 750x422 - Check Out Our Exclusive Clip from STAR LIGHT

Star Light, Star Bright, Are you ready for a Big Fright…”

Then step right up and check out this exclusive clip below from the new supernatural fright flick from the teams behind the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and 2017’s The Night Watchmen. To tie-in with next month’s New York City Horror Film Festival (see feature lineup HERE), Dread Central presents this exclusive clip from Star Light, co-written and co-directed by Mitchell Altieri (Night Watchmen, The Hamiltons, The Violent Kind) and Lee Cummings.

In Star Light, teenager Dylan (Cameron Johnson of The Wrong Crush) crashes into a beautiful young woman who secretly turns out to be the world-famous popstar Bebe A. Love (Scout Taylor-Compton from Rob Zombie’s Halloween movies). Keeping her identity under wraps, Dylan takes Bebe to his best friend’s house for help. While he and his pals try to aid the mysterious woman, unexplained events begin to occur within the home. And they only intensify when Bebe’s handler, Anton (Bret Roberts of May and S. Darko), shows up at their door and demands the kids return her immediately. When Dylan refuses fearing for Bebe’s safety, he unleashes a barrage of dire consequences that turns a fun graduation party into a night of living hell.

Cummings, who will be attending the NYC Horror Film Festival with Altieri and producer Cheryl Staurulakis, sets up the clip for Dread Central: “After several failed attempts to have the kids bring him the pop star, Anton decides to show them what he’s capable of and the lengths he’s willing to go to get her back.”

Adds the co-director, “One of the highlights of the production was shooting the entire cast in one location, which you will see in this tense scene. The energy was unreal.”

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Star Light co-stars Rahart Adams (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Liana Ramirez (Power Rangers Beast Morphers) and veteran scream queen Tiffany Shepis. For more details on the NYC Horror Film Festival, go HERE. Fest runs December 5-8 at Chelsea’s Cinepolis Cinemas (23rd Street and Eighth Avenue). See Dread’s previous Star Light story HERE. And watch this space for more exclusive NYCHFF content! Plus, check out Star Light’s official Facebook page HERE and Instagram @starlightmovie.

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