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Get Lit with CHRONIC HORROR Episode 4 Now on YouTube & Free DREAD App!

It’s been three weeks since we premiered the first episode of our original streaming series, Chronic Horror, as part of the rollout of a new, free DREAD app. Last week, we brought you Episode 3. Hopefully, you’re ready for some more high hell because Episode 4 is available now! Check out the Season 1 trailer at the top of the article; Episode 4 can be found below. If you need to catch up, check out Episode 1 HERE and Episode 2 over HERE, and Episode 3 right HERE.

Chronic Horror is a short form interview series that crosses the streams of the worlds of horror filmmaking, horror fandom, and cannabis culture. Join our host Josh Millican, a cannabis and horror expert who takes you on a ride full of laughs and enlightenment.

In this episode, Josh grabs Richard Trejo for a “Field Trip” to SOTA, a special effects studio specializing in horror. Studio co-owner and FX artist Matt Falletta give them a tour. Mischevious hijinx ensue.

The DREAD app, which is available on Roku, Android TV, Amazon, and iTunes, hosts a number of popular Epic Pictures horror films, such as​ Tales of HalloweenJeruzalemBig Ass Spider!Last RampageThe Monster ProjectExtremityBook of Monsters, and Black Site and promises to grow into a one-stop destination for genre lovers with a curated mix of hit features and dynamic and exciting original streaming content.

“Dread Central is a horror site by fans for fans. The creation of the DREAD app was a natural next step to thank our community for supporting independent genre films. The DREAD app is a free, ad-sponsored way to watch as much curated content as you want without worrying about the burden of paying for a subscription. Every month will be adding more content including really cool horror films and digital series,” states Epic/Dread CEO, Patrick Ewald

Millican’s role as host of ​Chronic Horror​ finds him engaging with members of the horror community to talk about horror, cannabis, and everything in-between. Horror-themed lifestyle blogger and cooking host Kaci, “The Homicidal Homemaker”, brings her unique brand of baking to the show, which is directed and produced by Hank Braxtan and Arielle Brachfeld (Snake Outta Compton) and Executive Produced by Ewald.

“The show is a ton of fun and entertainment is our goal, but Chronic Horror is also about breaking down stereotypes and erasing the stigma associated with cannabis use,” says Millican. “It’s also important to mention that you don’t have to smoke or vape to be a Chronic Horror fan. There’s something for everyone.”

Guests for the first wave include Los Angeles promoter Camilla Jackson, Dylan Reynolds (writer/director of 4/20 Massacre), Richard Elfman (Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, Forbidden Zone) and his Scream Queen wife Anastasia Elfman, filmmaker Richard Trejo, and special effects mastermind and SOTA co-owner Matt Falletta. A special ​Chronic Horror Live event will take place at Arena Cinelounge in Hollywood on November 16th.

The free DREAD app is available for Roku, Android TVs, Amazon Firestick, and Apple TVs. For your convenience, links are provided below. The DREAD app will soon be available on iOS and Android phones. Stay tuned for more details.

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Written by Josh Millican

Josh Millican is the Editor in Chief at Dread Central.

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