New Light Shone on the Latest Dungeon Crawler – DarkLight Dungeon Eternity

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DarkLight Dungeon Eternity, exclusively for PC, takes players through a vast dungeon with over 200 unique monsters to battle, focusing on a great war in Heaven and the battle for Eternity. Is anything more terrifying than being alone in a dark dungeon with evil lurking in the shadows?

From the Press Release
“A great war was waged in Heaven, the battle for Eternity began. For many have heard the story of God casting Lucifer out of Heaven. Lucifer was not alone; in total seven angels were cast down to earth. The self-proclaimed Kings of the Kingdom, Governors of the Seven Deadly Sins. Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Amon, Belphegor. The Kings now seek the seven seals, to release the seven trumpets…”

In this second game in the DarkLight Dungeon series you will: Explore a vast dungeon totaling 50 floors. Defeat over 200 unique types of monsters as you solve puzzles, riddles and the mystery of DarkLight Dungeon. At your disposal are 120 magic spells, over 600 items, 24 skills and many unique combat feats. With three difficulty levels and 60+ hours of gameplay on normal difficulty alone, there is plenty to explore in DarkLight Dungeon Eternity from ZoellerSoft!

To learn more, visit the DarkLight Dungeon Eternity website .

dde - New Light Shone on the Latest Dungeon Crawler - DarkLight Dungeon Eternity

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