Etheria Film Night Releases 2019 Lineup; Gale Anne Hurd Receiving Inspiration Award

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The 2019 Etheria Film Night has released its official lineup of eight incredible short films that will be shown to audiences on Saturday, June 29. The full lineup can be seen below.

“I am so excited to show our audience the amazing films we found this year,” says Etheria programmer Heidi Honeycutt of the shorts lineup. “I’m very impressed with what these filmmakers have created and you will be too.”

galeannehurd 240x300 - Etheria Film Night Releases 2019 Lineup; Gale Anne Hurd Receiving Inspiration Award
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On top of showing off incredible shorts from female directors around the world, Etheria Film Night will also be honoring the great Gale Anne Hurd with their Inspiration Award, which will be presented by none other than B-movie legend Roger Corman!

Hurd says, “I’m absolutely thrilled to receive the Inspiration Award from the Etheria Film Festival.  Growing up as a huge genre fan, I was told over and over that science fiction, fantasy and horror simply wasn’t meant for girls. Luckily I had Roger Corman as my mentor, and he encouraged me to dream big, genre dreams! Those naysayers were dead wrong, but sadly that misconception continues to this day. With women directors accounting for only 4% of the 2018 Top 100 Box Office releases, it’s clear that women aren’t being hired to direct genre films. Etheria showcases the work of women directors who I’m confident will be the future Steven Spielbergs, Jordan Peeles, Kathryn Bigelows, and Guillermo del Toros.”

More information about Etheria Film Night can be found on their official website.

Etheria Film Night 2019 Official Short Film Selections:

Hair Wolf
Directed by Mariama Diallo (12:00) (Horror Comedy) (USA)
In a black hair salon in gentrifying Brooklyn, the local residents fend off a strange new monster: white women intent on sucking the lifeblood from black culture.

Directed by Mai Nakanishi (12:45) (Genre) (Korea/Japan)
A college student goes for a part-time job interview and hired on short notice by a single working mother to be a babysitter for her four-year-old daughter Hana. But when she is left alone with Hana, strange things start to happen.

Directed by Sarah K. Reimers (10:00) (Horror, Comedy) (USA)
A mysterious and violent encounter sends a dog on a night of adventure and possibility.

End of the Line
Directed by Jessica Sanders (14:30) (Fantasy) (USA)
A lonely man goes to the pet store and buys a tiny man in a cage.

Lucy’s Tale
Directed by Chelsea Lupkin (17:00) (Horror) (USA)
Between mean girls, her first romance, and budding hormones, Lucy begins to realize that she’s not quite like the other teenagers in her class.

Atomic Spot
Directed by Stephanie Cabdevila (15:00) (Science Fiction) (France)
Cotis is the last survivor of a small, amphibious community of mutants living in the ruins of a nuclear reactor and is crushed by loneliness. Until a group of dumb surfers visit his beach.

Cupid’s Paradise
Directed by Ivy Liao (15:00) (Science Fiction) (USA)
Jenn lives in a world in which everyone is rated on superficial factors such as looks and skin color. Jenn is desperate to find a match before she becomes Cupid’s slave.

Directed by Elaine Mongeon (12:30) (Horror) (USA)
A young woman and her father adapt to terrifying changes they never expected.

The 2019 Etheria Jury includes John Skipp (Book of the Dead), Peter Block (Saw), Phillip Kobylanski (Hell Fest), Gale Anne Hurd (Terminator trilogy), Rachel Talalay (Dr. Who), Kailey Marsh (The BloodList), Paul Feig (Bridemaids), Stephanie Rothman (The Student Nurses), Jay Kay (Horror Happens Radio), Chris Alexander (Delirium Magazine), Scott Bradley (Hellbent for Horror), Martin Olson (Encyclopedia of Hell), Amanda Reyes (Are You in the House Alone? A TV Movie Compendium: 1964-1999), Darin Scott (Tales from the Hood 1 & 2), Kier-La Janisse (The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies), Rebekah McKendry (Shock Waves Podcast), and development executives from Shudder, Monkeypaw Productions, DREAD, Blumhouse, Fangoria Magazine, Crypt TV, Snowfort Pictures, and Atomic Monster.



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