The Stand 1994 Banner - Mick Garris & Stephen King Talk THE STAND's 25th Anniversary and Discuss the Upcoming Reboot

Mick Garris & Stephen King Talk THE STAND’s 25th Anniversary and Discuss the Upcoming Reboot

FANGO POD   Post Mortem Album Art 2 300x300 - Mick Garris & Stephen King Talk THE STAND's 25th Anniversary and Discuss the Upcoming RebootOn his most recent Post Mortem podcast from Fangoria, Mick Garris celebrated the 25th Anniversary of The Stand miniseries (which he directed) with a very special guest indeed: None other than Stephen King himself, the literary mastermind behind The Stand and countless other modern horror offerings.

In addition to strolling down Memory Lane, the two discussed the upcoming reboot of The Stand, announced earlier this year, and being produced by CBS All Access. Here’s a sample of King’s thoughts on the project:

“I like [The Stand reboot director] Josh Boone’s work. I actually worked with him on his first feature. And then he did The Fault in Our Stars, which I thought showed his grasp of the medium. And I like him a lot. I like his reach… his ambition for [The Stand]. Really the thing I’m most excited about is, first of all, we’ve got two more hours to tell the story. And second, we’re free of all those things that held us back with [with the 1994 miniseries]. Not only is the budget bigger… we’re free… in terms of language, in terms of violence… in a way that we weren’t with the original.

“CBS All Access would really like this to work. And they’ve put a lot of muscle behind it. So I’m hopeful. But it’s early days yet… so. The casting isn’t complete. My son Owen has written some of the scripts, and they’re terrific. So, it’s good.”

Listen to the entire podcast (and catch up on past podcasts) HERE.

And, for kicks, check out the synopsis and trailer for Garris’s The Stand below.

A four-part miniseries tells the horror story of King’s “The Stand.” A supervirus that leaked from a lab kills most of the population in what appears to be The Plague (Part 1). The survivors share The Dreams (Part 2). Then they fight to stay alive as they break into groups of good and evil in The Betrayal (Part 3). The Stand (Part 4) between good and evil is the final episode.

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