Elise Salomon’s INSIDE is going to Frontières Platform at Cannes Marché du Film

The Frontières Platform is the genre-focused section of Cannes Marché du Film; it’s a co-presentation with Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival and it’ll be held for the third consecutive year May 18th and 19th. For 2019, they’ve selected 14 films from all over the world to screen, and one of them is Elise Salomon’s debut narrative feature, Inside. Specifically, it will preview during the Proof of Concept portion of the event.

While we don’t have an official synopsis, Salomon tells us:

“This film is very special for me because it’s my narrative directorial debut. As a supernatural drama, this story encompasses personal themes for me about trauma, trust, and truth. Trauma is an open wound that opens us up to darkness. It draws us into other worlds. Above us. Underneath us. We are all connected—to each other and especially to our environment. I wanted to explore how much our pain and grief informs our reality and how much it seeps into the world—in our collective conscience and also in nature—how our fears manifest and grow.”

Producer Heather Buckley (whose credits include The Ranger and more film documentaries than I could list in an hour) states:

“I am honored we are going to Frontières Platform at the Marché du Film with Inside. Director/writer’s Elise Salomon film Inside explores a raw emotional landscape woven like an ancient root system through trauma and the mythic. Inside is joined by a stellar team in 77 Films, Fantastic Films, Eggplant Pictures, and Skywalker Sound. I am proud to stand by Elise and her work to find Partnerships at Cannes.”

Check out the stunning sales art for Inside below.

To learn more about Frontières Platform at the Marché du Film and what else is screening during the Proof of Concept portion, check out the event’s official website/schedule, HERE.



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