SLIPKNOT Legal Saga Update: Band’s Attorney Says Chris Fehn Was Never an Equal Partner–Just a Hired Gun

Fehn Devil in I Banner 750x422 - SLIPKNOT Legal Saga Update: Band's Attorney Says Chris Fehn Was Never an Equal Partner--Just a Hired Gun

The ongoing legal saga between Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn and the band’s de facto leaders, Corey Taylor and Shawn “Clown” Crahan, just took a depressing turn. The drama started earlier this year when Fehn’s attorney filed suit against Taylor, Crahan, and business manager Rob Shore over what he felt were underhanded business practices. As an equal member of a Slipknot partnership, Fehn demanded a complete forensic analysis of the band’s finances.

Now, the band’s attorneys have responded with an affidavit on behalf of Shore that claims Fehn was never an equal member of Slipknot; merely a hired gun who received set fees for recording and performances. This is in direct contradiction to Fehn’s claims that they were all creative and financial equals.

After devoting over 20 years to the band (not to mention being a fan favorite, oozing with charisma) it’s a real insult to reduce Fehn to a mere musician for hire.

It’s a low blow in my book. It’s also worth noting that Shore’s response claims none of the members of Slipknot besides Taylor and Crahan are official stakeholders. So much for the idea that the band was a family.

Our friends at Rock Feed explore these most recent legal maneuvers in the video embedded at the top of the article. Slipknot is preparing to launch a North American tour in June with a new album expected in August. While it’s obvious at this point that Fehn won’t be joining the crew for concerts, his participation on the album (which was nearly completed when the original suit dropped) remains uncertain.

As a long-time Slipknot fan, this shit just kills me. I feel for Fehn and getting this glimpse at the cutthroat world of music making is depressing. The proverbial 4th Wall has been broken. I long for simpler days (like 2014) when Slipknot released the arresting video for “The Devil in I”. Give it a spin below to reminisce about better days.

What do you think of all this legal bullshit tearing Slipknot apart, just as the band is poised for a major resurgence? Are you less excited about the upcoming tour and album knowing we won’t be seeing Fehn’s Pinocchio nose and zipper mouth? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!



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