Stephen King Returns to HEAVY METAL! Aliens Seek Heaven in LITTLE GREEN GOD OF AGONY

There’s never been a better time to be a Stephen King fan. In terms of feature films in 2019, we’re getting Pet Sematary, IT: Chapter Two, and Doctor Sleep. On the streaming fronts, we’re looking forward to new seasons of Mr. Mercedes and Castle Rock. And there’s a slew of other King-related projects in various stages of production.

On top of all of this, King has returned to the pages of Heavy Metal Magazine, a periodical dedicated to dark fantasy and cutting edge science fiction. Their most recent issue (#293) includes a King-penned short story called Little Green God of Agony! Order your copy today, HERE.

Here’s a full summary of what awaits readers in Heavy Metal Magazine #293:

Heavy Metal Magazine brings you tales of horror FROM BEYOND THE DARKNESS in issue #293.  Horror master, Stephen King, and artist Dennis Calero introduce you to the LITTLE GREEN GOD OF AGONY –  Aliens searching for the afterlife, unfortunately, find what they’re looking in S.O.L.U.S. – Pahek delivers a story of space exploration gone wrong in GREEN GROWER – Aliens from alternate dimensions find more than what they bargain for in DOPPELDAMONS – A revolutionary war battle takes a dark turn in WHITE DEATH by Diego Agrimbau and Eduardo Risso – finally Heavy Metal’s new Managing Editor, Time Seeley, delivers a futuristic punch with a Megadeth’s HOLY WARS: PUNISHMENT DUE.  Continuing in this issue is MURKY WORLD by Richard Corben chapters 6 & 7.   Finishing in this issue is THE DOOR by Michael Moreci & Esau Escorza.  Galleries by Flavio Greco Paglia, Denis Zhbankov and John Kenn Mortensen.

Check out a preview page below.

Are you a fan of Stephen King and/or Heavy Metal Magazine? Are you excited to read Little Green God of Agony and the other tales of futuristic horror in Issue #293? Let us know in the comments below or onFacebook, Twitter, or Instagram!



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