Exclusive: VOYAG3R Prepares For Battle With ‘War Mask’

voyag3rwarmaskbanner 750x422 - Exclusive: VOYAG3R Prepares For Battle With 'War Mask'

The world of synthwave has exploded in the past few years. Acts like Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Miami Nights 1984, Gunship and more have paved the way for the resurgence of ’80s-inspired jams that travel us through time to neon-soaked promenades splashed with palm tree-shadowed sunsets. They are writing love letters to a time of excess and ostentatious resplendence, when synthesizers powered airwaves and aerosol powered hairstyles. What a time to be alive!

Today, we’re turning the clock back and pulling out the old yet reliable boombox to bring you an exclusive first listen to Detroit’s own Voyag3r (pronounced Voyager 3) and their brand new album War Mask! A 10-track album packed with prog-infused hard-hitting synth glory, this album sees the group return after three years when their last album Are You Synthetic hit the web.

Included on War Mask are the single “The Terror is Gaining on You”, the ’70s homage “Sequenza Di Mezzanotte”, and even a cover of King Crimson‘s “Red”, from their album of the same name. You can listen to the album below!

The album artwork was done by Slasher Dave, whose work was used for each of the band’s previous releases.

Digital pre-orders are available through Bandcamp. Vinyl options are available through Bellyache Records. Lastly, CD and cassette tapes can be purchased from Voyag3r directly on their website!

Voyag3r is:
Steve Greene – synthesizers, piano, saxophone
Greg Mastin – drums and percussion
Aaron Greene – guitars



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