METALLICA to Record New Album in 2020? Kirk Hammett Has “Tons” of New Material

Metallica has been touring for the past two years straight in support of their last studio album, Hardwired to Self Destruct (released in 2016). While the band plans to stay on the road through November, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett is hinting that the band will be getting started on their follow-up album sooner than later.

In the video embedded at the top of the article, our friends at Rock Feed report on some of Hammett’s recent comments regarding his desire to get back into the studio ASAP. They also pull in some quotes from bass player Robert Trujillo.

The video, however, doesn’t include any comments from James Hetfield or Lars Ulrich, the undisputed Kings of Metallica, so nothing can be considered official until they weigh in. Either way, Hammett’s enthusiasm bodes well for the future of the thrash metal pioneers.

We’ll keep you posted on all Metallica-related news as details emerge. Stay tuned!

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