Bear McCreary Will Score Orion’s CHILD’S PLAY Remake

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childs play remake poster 203x300 - Bear McCreary Will Score Orion's CHILD'S PLAY Remake

We were all a little skeptical of the new Child’s Play reboot in the works at Orion when it was first announced. It seemed unnecessary, considering the original Child’s Play franchise is still alive and well with scribe Don Mancini spearheading a Chucky TV series for Syfy. People seemed to warm to the idea when it was announced that Mark Hamill will voice the new Chucky–a movie even original Child’s Play director Tom Holland applauded.

Now, there’s another reason to get excited about Orion’s Child’s Play: The film is being scored by horror composer extraordinaire Bear McCreary! Check out a sample of what’s in store for our ears in the clip embedded at the top of the article.

“Chucky haunted my dreams when I was a kid, ever since his devilish little face peered out at me from a torn VHS cover at my local video store. Now, thirty years later, I have a remarkable opportunity to contribute to his musical legacy,” said McCreary. “Inspired by the Chucky’s toy-store origins, I’ve assembled a ‘toy orchestra,’ of toy pianos, hurdy gurdies, accordions, plastic guitars, and otamatones, that will be featured prominently in the score. I hope that these creepy, unique tones will help terrify the next generation of Child’s Play fans!”

Check out the synopsis and trailer for Child’s Play below.

A mother gives her son a toy doll for his birthday, unaware of it’s more sinister nature.

Child’s Play is directed by Lars Klevberg (Polaroid”) from a script by Tyler Burton Smith (Sleeping Dogs, Quantum Break video games); the film also stars Aubrey Plaza and Brian Tyree Henry. Look for it in US theaters beginning June 21st.

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