Nearly Every THE TWILIGHT ZONE Opening Monologue Synced to Land on the Perfect Moment

Twilight Zone Serling 750x422 - Nearly Every THE TWILIGHT ZONE Opening Monologue Synced to Land on the Perfect Moment

With the recent launch of Jordan Peele’s The Twilight Zone on CBS All Access, interest in the historic and delightful series is at an all-time high. And honestly, what better time than now for the socially, culturally, and historically relevant series to make its comeback? Never before has our generation been so focused and dedicated to being a part of creating a better world than what the day before offered. But in order to ensure that, we must take action and be a part of something bigger than ourselves, a theme that ran throughout the sci-fi/horror series.

The mastermind of The Twilight Zone was Rod Serling, a screenwriter, producer, narrator, and playwright, who became the de facto face of the series. Each episode of the initial run opened with a monologue from Serling where he would introduce the theme in his own, hypnotizing way. Sometimes abstract, sometimes, direct, each monologue served to draw the viewer into a story that might challenge long-held beliefs or put them in a world they never could’ve imagined. Each of these monologues ended with Serling inviting the viewer to enter a story that took place in “The Twilight Zone”.

YouTuber Different Alphabet found the time to sync up nearly every one of Serling’s opening monologues so that they all come together in that iconic moment. At first, the video is clear and understandable. However, as more and more of the monologues come in, the stories become noise, quickly elevating to a cacophonous din that no longer resembles speech but instead a mindless roar. Then, in the blink of an eye, everything comes together as we enter Serling’s “The Twilight Zone” in his own words.

Peele’s The Twilight Zone is currently airing on CBS All Access. You can watch it here.