Watch the First ALIEN 40th Anniversary Short Film CONTAINMENT

As mentioned yesterday, 20th Century Fox and IGN are unrolling a weekly series of short films set in the Alien universe. These six original films will tell stories from perspectives we haven’t yet seen. Today marks the beginning of that series with Alien: Containment, which was written and directed by Chris Reading.

Overall, it’s a solid enough short. It opens strong, callously yet cleverly showing the death of over 23,000 people before focusing on four survivors in an escape ship. From there, the true intentions of one of the crew becomes clear and it’s all too familiar.

Four survivors find themselves stranded aboard a small escape pod in deep space. Trying to piece together the details around the outbreak that led to their ship’s destruction, they find themselves unsure to trust whether or not one of them might be infected.

The second episode will air next Friday at 9 am PST.



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