CANDYMAN Remake Director Talks Bonding with Jordan Peele Over Horror

Candyman 1992 750x422 - CANDYMAN Remake Director Talks Bonding with Jordan Peele Over Horror

We’re all extremely excited about the Candyman reboot currently in the works with Jordan Peele producing the through his Monkey Paw studio banner. Director Nia DaCosta recently sat down with our friends at CinemaBlend to talk about how she came to land the job, and how she and Peele bonded over their mutual love of horror:

“I think something that we connect on a lot was the way we view horror and our love of horror. I love Candyman, but also just like breaking down what horror is, how it’s represented, what it means, and why it’s important. I think we really connected on that, and so that’s a lot of what our conversations have been about… that I can tell you. It’s been great. He’s a wonderful creator, collaborator, human, artist.”

DaCosta continued discussing what makes horror such an exciting genre to work in:

“What I like about genres like thrillers, and why I think tensions are important for all movies, including dramas, it’s physicalizing what the characters are feeling for the audience. That’s really important and gets the audience to engage andto lean in. And then with horror, you can sneak in messages. You know, sneak in what you think about the world around you, and how actually horrifying the world is. You get to hide it in these layers. ‘This is about a ghost, but really it’s about paranoia and a woman’s place in the world.’ Or, you know, ‘This is about a guy meeting his girlfriend’s parents, but really it’s about… Actually, a guy meeting his girlfriend’s parents.'”

While most questions we have about Candyman remain unanswered at this time (we don’t even know if original Candyman actor Tony Todd will be involved in the project) there’s certainly enough buzz being generated to keep us rapt. You’d better believe we’ll be watching how this project unfolds like hawks. Check back regularly for all Candyman-related news.

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