Teaser for NIGHTBREED: THE ULTIMATE CABAL CUT Escapes from Midian!

We’ve been following news of the Nightbreed: The Ultimate Cabal Cut since the project was first announced a few weeks back. We’re told it will be over three hours long and will include never-before-seen footage culled from a variety of sources. Producers have been sharing a ton of cool images on the film’s official Twitter page (links below), but today the did us one better: They dropped a trailer!

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Give it a spin at the top of the article. Afterward, one of our favorite UK film critics/academics, Mr. H has produced a detailed breakdown of everything that’s going on; check it out below. It’s a great time to go back to Midian, especially since it seems the long-rumored Nightbreed TV series is stuck in limbo (again).

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Aaron Boone (Craig Sheffer) is haunted by terrifying nightmares of a city of monsters. He goes to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Decker (David Cronenberg), for help. But what Boone doesn’t know is that Decker is really a serial killer. Decker frames Boone to take the fall for his murders, and Boone is killed by the police. But Boone is brought back to life by the monsters of his dreams, the Nightbreed, who in turn join Boone in his quest to stop Decker from killing again.

Nightbreed is written and directed by Clive Barker and was first released in 1990.

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