What’s a Jötunn? Mysterious Creature from THE RITUAL Explained

TheRitual 1sht 202x300 - What’s a Jötunn? Mysterious Creature from THE RITUAL Explained

It’s been almost exactly one year since The Ritual landed on Netflix, becoming the first truly awesome horror movie of 2018. Now that an appropriate amount of time has passed, we can finally take a deep dive into the mythology at the film’s core, specifically the alarming Jötunn who makes a shocking appearance in the film’s final act.

To that end, one of our favorite UK film critics/academics, Mr. H, just released an exploration of the mythology surrounding The Ritual’s Jötunn! It’s a must-watch for anyone who enjoyed the film and wants to gain a deeper understanding of its terrifying monstrosity. However, if you haven’t seen The Ritual yet, bookmark this article for later and skip down to the trailer and synopsis below. Then, come back when you’re all caught up!

Reuniting after the tragic death of their friend, four college pals set out to hike through the Scandinavian wilderness. A wrong turn leads them into the mysterious forests of Norse legend, where an ancient evil exists and stalks them at every turn.

The Ritual is directed by David Bruckner from a screenplay penned by Joe Barton (based on the book of the same name by Adam Nevill); the film stars Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali, and Robert James-Collier.

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