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Slicing Thru Witchblade Takeru



WitchbladeTakeru Manga #7This issue of Witchblade Takeru: Manga #7 drops us off right into the middle of the action (apparently in mid-conversation. I thought at first maybe I was missing a page.) The current bearer of the Witchblade faces off against a large, multi-armed, web shooting demon, while her boyfriend watches and shouts her name a lot in true manga fashion. Not being a regular reader of this comic, I could’ve used a ‘previously in Witchblade‘ blurb, or some in-dialouge exposition, but the story was fairly strightforward, so I figured things out pretty quickly. This was due in no small part to the art, which was excellent.

Sumita’s storytelling kept my interest throughout what was basically an issue long (though very, very bloody) fight scene. There were a few panels where I had a hard time following what was going on, but even in those cases each page was still nice to look at. The angles were dramatic, each panel was filled with a sense of fluid motion, and the few characters that appeared in this issue were easily distinguishable from one another.

This issue ends Volume one, and it looks like a few plot threads are left dangling to keep the story going. This was my first issue of Witchblade Takeru: Manga, and though it didn’t compel me to run out and pick up previouse issues, I wouldn’t mind reading some more. Considering I’m not a huge fan of Manga or the Witchblade, that’s an impressive feat.

For more Witchblade, Manga or otherwise, hit up Top Cow’s official site.

Pete Caballero

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