SILENT HILL, LEGACY OF KAIN, and More Were Rumored To Be Tested For PlayStation Classic

The recent release of the PlayStation Classic had many gamers rejoicing that they would be able to play some of their favorite games from one of their favorite consoles. With titles like Final Fantasy VII, Wild Arms, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, Twisted Metal, and more, it seemed like a phenomenal deal. After all, for $100, you’re getting 20 games, a console, and a controller (although the USB cable is conspicuously missing…). But some determined sleuths have dug deep into the console to learn a bit more about what goes on behind the memorable shell…and what they’ve found is rather surprising and disappointing.

First off, it should be understood that it’s been figured out that the PlayStation Classic runs on PCSX, which is an Open Source PlayStation emulator. While this may be seen as surprising, it’s actually not necessarily a negative, as Game Revolution points out. Rather, it acknowledges that a fan-made system can take older software and modify it for current generations in better, and more applicable, ways. Basically, it’s totally fine and no one should be upset.

With that information in hand, we can now talk about the source code of the PlayStation Classic, which has been released online after review copies were inspected within and without. In it, people found an entirely different list of games that were tested as potential candidates for appearing on the console, including titles like Silent Hill, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, Parasite Eve, Medievil, and much more.

While these titles were tested, these should not be seen as unlocked content that will be available at a later date for a price, like many DLCs are. It’s unfortunate that we know that some of the greatest horror games for the PS1 were nearly put on the new console and we can only hope that one day there will be a way to get official re-releases.

Written by Jonathan Barkan

Lifelong horror fan with a love of music on the side.

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