Horror Visual Novel DEATH MARK Afflicting Consoles On Halloween

death note game phone booth 1 750x422 - Horror Visual Novel DEATH MARK Afflicting Consoles On Halloween

You might want to cancel your plans to go trick-or-treating this year, because publisher Aksys Games will be releasing a limited edition of their new horror game Death Mark in the US on Halloween. If you’re curious about this title, you can watch an extended gameplay preview here.

Death Mark was developed by Experience, and was originally released in Japan in 2017. The chilling visual novel takes place in Tokyo’s H City district, where a mysterious mark begins to appear on people’s bodies, with those afflicted usually dying shortly afterwards. After losing your memory, you arrive at a strange house said to protect those bearing the mark, and that’s where your terrifying journey begins.

The limited edition will include a physical copy of the game along with a 96 page art book, a CD containing the game’s soundtrack, and temporary tattoo of the titular death mark. All of these items will be stored inside a beautiful slipcase, which can be viewed in the gallery below. It will be priced at $69.99, although a cheaper standard edition will also be availalbe.

Although they’re immensely popular in Japan, visual novels have yet to make it big in the west, so here’s hoping Death Mark makes a big splash in the States when it arrives on PS4, Vita, and Switch on October 31.




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