resident evil 2 remake leon and clare 1 - RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake Continues To Look Amazing in New Footage

RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake Continues To Look Amazing in New Footage

The Resident Evil games are famed for pushing the graphical capabilities of the consoles they release on, and judging from the latest footage from the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2, it will be no exception.

The footage, which was recorded from Capcom’s Twitch livestream (and was uploaded by Giuseppe Nelva of Dualshockers) shows a young Leon S. Kennedy exploring the labyrinthine Raccoon City Police Station, which has become infested with zombies and other horrors following the t-Virus outbreak. As you can see from the footage, the remake will utilize the over-the-shoulder mechanic which has been a staple of the franchise since it was first employed by Resident Evil 4 back in 2005. We can also see that this will be one of the goriest games Resident Evil games ever made, especially by how the dude’s intestines burst out of his chest at 7:26. The incredible graphics also optimize the gory content, although it’s a safe bet that some of the more extreme parts will be removed in the Japanese version.

Although the footage runs for a pretty lengthy forty-two minutes, it’s worth watching all the way through to get an idea of how much the beloved survival horror series has evolved since the original version of Resident Evil 2 hit stores all the way back in 1998.

Capcom will publish the remake of Resident Evil 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 25, 2019.

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