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Spend a Few Seconds with Pascal Laugier’s The Tall Man



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Ready for a fun size snack just in time for Halloween? Then you’re in luck as we have a demo reel stocked with footage from Martyrs director Pascal Laugier’s latest flick The Tall Man! Check it out!

Jessica Biel, Stephen McHattie, William B. Davis, Samantha Ferris, Jodelle Ferland, and Jakob Davies star.

Look for more on this one soon!

Cold Rock, USA – A darkness hovers upon the town. Children have gone missing over the years, leaving neither a clue nor a witness. Superstitious locals talk of The Tall Man, a legendary, mysterious dark figure who takes children away, never to be seen again.

Julia (Jessica Biel) is a nurse living in Cold Rock who doesn’t believe in legends. Until one night, waking up with an eerie feeling, she goes to her son’s bedroom and finds his bed empty. Rushing downstairs, she stops dead in her tracks: A huge dark figure stands in the entrance holding her son, David. Driven by pure instinct, Julia rushes after them, willing to do whatever it takes to get her son back. The chase is on and with it the quest for answers. Who is The Tall Man? What becomes of the children?

Conceived as a “woman in jeopardy” movie – an outdoor Panic Room, The Tall Man is a suspenseful thriller in the vein of M. Night Shyamalan’s earlier films. Clothed in the myth of the boogeymen and monsters born of the folklore common to all cultures, it’s a story of the haunting secrets that hide behind closed doors.

tallman - Spend a Few Seconds with Pascal Laugier's The Tall Man

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