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Negan From THE WALKING DEAD Joins The Fight In TEKKEN 7



Tekken 7

Now, here’s a crossover we certainly didn’t expect. Negan, from AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, will soon be joining the fight in Bandai Namco’s acclaimed videogame Tekken 7. He will be included in the upcoming Season 2 Pass, which will also feature fan favorite Tekken characters such as Anna Williams and Lei Wulong.

A new trailer was shown at the Evo Grand Finals, which gives us a brief glimpse of Negan towards the end. His appearance is clearly based on how he looks in the show rather than the comic, but there’s no word on whether he’ll be voiced by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the game. Sadly, we don’t get to see any actual gameplay with Negan, but we imagine he’ll be using his trusty baseball bat named Lucille as his primary mode of attack.

Shortly after the new trailer went live, Bandai Namco took to various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, to describe how Negan will be implemented into the world of Tekken, saying:

Your eyes do not deceive you, your pounding heart does not betray you; Negan from AMC’s The Walking Dead is making his way into TEKKEN 7 to deal a world of pain in the TEKKEN universe. Negan, beloved by fans of The Walking Dead for his charismatic yet sinister demeanor, is ready to destroy all challengers, regardless of their stature in the TEKKEN universe.

However, we’re not gonna lie. With its Teen certificate, and its bloodless combat, a foul-mouthed psychopath like Negan does seem like kind of an odd choice for game like Tekken 7. He would be much better suited for Mortal Kombat, but either way, we’re still looking forward to whacking Kazuya over the head with Lucille when Tekken 7’s Season 2 Pass arrives sometime in the near future.




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