MOM AND DAD Wreck Room Smashes Its Way to the UK

To celebrate the UK home video release of Mom and Dad, I was invited to an event where I was given the rare opportunity to smash everything in sight. After donning a helmet and gearing up into protective clothing, I was given a hammer and a metal baseball bat and then led into a room containing plates, vases, picture frames, and a ton of other smashable objects.

As soon as the staff started playing music, I let rip. And believe me when I say that it felt great to act like Godzilla destroying a city for a few minutes.

Mom and Dad stars Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair as a married couple trying desperately to murder their children after a sudden epidemic drives parents to kill their offspring. We interviewed director Brian Taylor earlier this year, and he described how although he met resistance to the idea at first, he ended up being very proud of the finished product.

It was also suitable that I was invited to a “wreck room” to celebrate the home video release because in the film Cage wrecks everything from pool tables to his daughter’s boyfriend.

Mom and Dad is available now on DVD and Blu-ray in stores across the UK. Alternatively, you can order your copy from Amazon and other online retailers.



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