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GRIMM’S WAR Looking to Raise the Bar for Interactive Gaming and Web Series

Parts of the uber talented team behind such titles as Friday the 13th The Game and Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn are making their first ever combination video game and web series, entitled Grimm’s War. If this first trailer is any indication of what’s to come, then we have two words for you cats… STRAP IN!

We are going for the ultimate interactive web series experience,” says director Zebidiah de Soto. “Something like no one has ever seen before! With Grimm’s War our goal is to bring the feature film/gaming experience together to an online platform!

Grimm’s War is a dark, modern day retelling of the classic Grimms’ fairy tales series, focused around a fictional war set in a post-apocalyptic future. Each character’s story in this ongoing battle is personified by a specific fairy tale from the Grimm stories, with each character’s reality weaving in and out of separate dimensions. The first dimension presents an ugly futuristic war set against the backdrop of a nuclear winter, and the second will be a pure fantasy world, set against the dark and macabre backdrop of the Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

There are 209 fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm that we HAVE to tell! Grimm’s War will be a combination Oculus Rift game and web series,” de Soto continues. “During our careers we’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing and talented actors, especially the horror greats like Tony Todd (Candyman), Bill Moseley (Rob Zombies The Devil’s Rejects), Danielle Harris (the Halloween franchise), Alona Tal (Mark Wahlberg’s Broken City, Burn Notice), Glen Powell (The Dark Knight Rises, Expendables 3), Tom Sizemore (Heat, Lucifer); and the list goes on and on. This is the exact caliber of talent we’ll be bringing with us on this project.

Check out the trailer, and chew slowly… it’s the good stuff! Look for more on Grimm’s War soon!

grimswar - GRIMM'S WAR Looking to Raise the Bar for Interactive Gaming and Web Series


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