E3 2018: Calling All Ninjas: A Trailer for NIOH 2 Just Dropped!

Get ready to travel back to the 1600s for a clash of clans in the Japanese late Sengoku period: Team Ninja has just announced Nioh 2 with an incredible teaser trailer, sending crowds at E3 into a frenzy! Check out the video below for a look-see:

Nioh is set in 1600 within a fictionalized dark fantasy version of the late Sengoku period, a time when the clans of Japan were at war prior to the unification under the Tokugawa shogunate and the beginning of the Edo period. Amidst the fighting and high death toll, yokai have appeared and begun wreaking havoc across the land: major yokai threats that appear in the game include Hinoenma, Jorōgumo, and a Yuki-onna born from the spirit of the wife of Oda Nobunaga following the Honnō-ji incident.

The game opens with a narration by William describing Amrita, a mystical golden stone found in abundance in Japan that is sought by the government of Queen Elizabeth I to secure victory over Spain. William was one of many pirates who were contracted by the queen to obtain Amrita, but afterward was imprisoned to keep the Amrita a secret. While being held in the Tower of London, William breaks out with the help of his Spirit Guardian Saoirse, a being born from the prayers of his home village who saved him from death when he was a boy and now prevents him from dying. William is confronted by Edward Kelley, who is seeking Japan’s Amrita. Kelley attempts to kill William through the Tower’s executioner whom he corrupts with Amrita, where he then captures Saoirse with his own Ouroboros spirit, Kelley takes her with him to find Japan with William going in pursuit.

Stay tuned for additional Nioh news, as we’ll be meeting with the developers later this week; expect some exclusives!

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