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E3 2018: Commit Genocide In The Name Of A Banana In MY FRIEND PEDRO



As crazy as the headline for this article sounds, I think it accurately describes the game in question. You see, My Friend Pedro is a game where you kill a whole bunch of people because a banana told you too. Yeah.

The game is being developed by DeadToast, and it will make use of slow motion and split aiming in order to make for some very entertaining and very, very violent kills. You’ll be able to perform Matrix-style gravity defying stunts and you lay waste to armies of fully armed bad guys, because the talking banana said it wants you to kill them all. If that sounds crazy to you, you probably wont be too surprised to learn that My Friend Pedro is being published by Devolver Digital, a company known for picking up batshit insane indie titles that larger publishers would not want to touch. Although somehow, I don’t think saying that a banana told you to kill hundreds of people will work with a judge.

My Friend Pedro will be bringing its potassium-infused madness to the PC and Nintendo Switch later this year. There’s no word on whether it will also be heading to PS4 and Xbox One, although it’s probably a safe bet that it will be.

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