E3 2018: AFTERPARTY Gameplay Footage Shows Us A Drunken Depiction Of Hell

Although Agony gave us one of the most gruesome and horrific depictions of Hell we’re ever likely to see, Night School Studio’s Afterparty is aiming for a much more comedic representation of the place of eternal torment and punishment, as we saw in the seven minutes of gameplay footage shown at E3. Don’t let that fool you, however, because although the F-words were bleeped so as not to offend the delicate E3 audiences, we can clearly tell from both the profanity and the splashes of blood in the footage that Afterparty will still be very much be an M-rated experience.

The footage starts of with best friends Lola and Milo at a party in the world of the living, before they both unexpectedly lose their lives and are transported into the depths of Hell, where they will need to outdrink Satan himself in order to earn back their lives. The two protagonists will be voiced by and Khoi Dao and Star Wars Battlefront II’s Janina Gavankar.

If you’ve already played Night School’s Oxenfree (and if you haven’t you should do so immediately because it was brilliant), you probably know what you’re in for in terms of gameplay, as Afterparty looks like another hugely enjoyable narrative-focused graphic adventure, albeit with more demons.

We won’t have long to wait until we can play drinking games with the Devil, as the game is set to launch later this year. I’m a teetotaller, and I’m still dying to play Afterparty.

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Written by David Gelmini

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