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E3 2018: FALLOUT 76 Will Be Four Times Bigger than FALLOUT 4



Bethesda RPGs are offering gigantic open world sandboxes with hundreds of hours of content, so we were not disappointing that the recently announced Fallout 76, which takes place in West Virginia, will be more than four times the size of Fallout 4, making it their largest game yet.

A prequel to the previous entries in the series, Fallout 76 will take place shortly after the world as we know if was transformed into the wasteland we’ve explored for countless hours in the other Fallout games. Although we were not shown any actual gameplay, we saw from the trailer that the iconic Power Armor, which has long been a staple of Fallout, will be making a comeback.

Bethesda’s executive producer Todd Howard was present to introduce Fallout 76 at Microsoft’s E3 press conference  where he described how the prequel setting will mean that the world of Fallout 76 will be both different and familiar to longtime Fallout players (and he decided to clap for himself at 12:48).

From the sounds of it, there’s gonna be so much do see and do in Fallout 76 that you’ll want to clap for yourself when you reach the end.

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