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EA Press Conference Recap: Anthem, Unraveled 2, and Sea of Solitude



Well, here we go again. Another E3, and another round of press conferences. This is the week we wait all year for, as reveal after reveal pour in and fill us all with the sweet nectar of gaming goodness. First up this year was EA, a showcase that I predicted would be pretty anemic for Dread Central readers. I was mostly correct, but there were three titles that they showed off that y’all should be keeping an eye on.


Now it surprised exactly no one that Anthem was the headliner of the show. Not only is it Bioware’s first new IP in 10 years, but EA had been pretty explicit leading up to the show that¬†Anthem was their new squeeze. About a third of the show was dedicated to answering questions off of twitter, showing off the new game, and generally getting people amped to explore strange new worlds in flying power armor. Check it out:

Blowing up bugs in space? Count me in. The release date was also set way sooner than I expected, slated to hit shelves on February 22nd. You can also subscribe to the new EA Origin Access Premier and play the game a week early on February 15th. Subscribers to the basic Origin Access will also have the ability to play the game for 10 hours to try it out before purchasing.

Another question that came up was in regards to the now infamous lootboxes. They did say that there would be no boxes, but that doesn’t mean there are no micro-transactions. You can still buy gear and cosmetics, you just know what you’re getting. Every item will have its own price tag. Is that preferable? Up to you. Personally, I think micro-transactions are micro-transactions, no matter how you dress them up. Five bucks for a skin vs five box for five rolls of a dice is still five bucks I don’t want to spend.

Unravel 2:

I actually was going to include this one in my prediction article, but I left it out since the first game was not something anyone would consider “Dread Central” related. But from the looks of things, Unravel 2 has a significantly darker tone. The first Unravel was a huge success, so it’s not a surprise that it got a sequel. But what was a huge surprise is that Unravel 2 is now out. Like right now. As soon as the press conference was over, you could buy it. So go do that now, or something.

Sea of Solitude:

The first in a strong year of Ted predicting things, Sea of Solitude is one of the indie games that EA comes out with from time to time to please gamers that don’t play Battlefield. And it looks great! It’s got some message about the monster within you and how your deep dark emotions can overcome you, but honestly I’m just here for the badass sea monsters. Because legit, nothing is scarier than fish.

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