Legendary Horror Composer Joins TALES FROM THE HOOD 2

Tales From The Hood

One of the very best horror movie composers out there is Christopher Young. Best known for his score to Clive Barker’s Hellraiser, Young has contributed to some of the best horror movies this world has to offer – including the original Tales from the Hood.

And thus we are excited to share the news via Twitter that Young will also be contributing the score for director Darin Scott’s upcoming sequel, Tales From the Hood 2 starring Keith David.

And so I guess this means filming has wrapped then? Let’s just assume so. Make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

The original film was directed by Rusty Cundieff from a script written by Cundieff and producer Darin Scott. The film starred Corbin Bernsen, Rosalind Cash, David Alan Grier, Anthony Griffith, Wings Hauser, Paula Jai Parker, Joe Torry, and Clarence Williams III.

Tales from the Hood (1995) synopsis:

A creepy mortician, Mr. Simms (Clarence Williams III), attempts to scare teenage drug dealer Stack (Joe Torry) and his friends straight by telling them four horrifying stories. One is about a guilt-riddled cop (Anthony Griffith) who goes crazy after ignoring his corrupt partner (Michael Massee). He also tells of a meek schoolboy (Brandon Hammond) with terrifying supernatural powers. Although the young thugs want to take their drugs and escape Mr. Simms, he still has two more tales to tell.



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