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nicole brown simpson - THE HAUNTING OF NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON - More Details Come in

A few days ago we told you about a new film beginning production this summer called The Haunting of Nicole Brown Simpson. Since its announcement, we decided to take a closer look at just what this project is all about. Here’s what we found…

Turns out the flick doesn’t really go into the infamous murders, but instead it explores the little-known connection between Nicole and convicted serial killer Glen Rogers, a drifter and blue-collar worker who is said to have painted Nicole’s Brentwood, California, condo several weeks before the double murders.

Rogers, also known as the “Cross Country Killer” or the “Casanova Killer,” is currently on Death Row in Florida. He was convicted of two murders in the 1990s but has boasted about committing as many as seventy. He was also the subject of the 2012 documentary My Brother the Serial Killer.

Rogers claims to have met Brown in the spring of 1994 and said to his brother, Clay, that he was going to “take her down.” Rogers also wrote and created paintings about his alleged involvement with the murders. He claimed that he was hired by O.J. Simpson to break into Nicole’s house and steal some expensive jewelry and that Simpson told him, “You may have to kill the bitch.” None of Rogers’ claims have ever been substantiated.

I think some people are assuming it’s about ghosts haunting Nicole,” said filmmaker Dan Farrands, “but it’s really about an actual serial killer and the ‘dark passenger’ he brings into her world, one that insidiously infects those around her… including her murderer. It is actually a very sympathetic portrayal of Nicole in her final days. Obviously, it is a controversial subject, but I think people will be surprised by the approach to this story and the questions it raises not only about this horrible tragedy but about the epidemic of domestic violence against women.

The Haunting of Nicole Brown Simpson stars Mena Suvari (American Pie, American Beauty) as Nicole in the days leading up to her tragic death alongside her friend Ron Goldman.

Daniel Farrands directs and produces. Lucas Jarach and Eric Brenner also produce with Jim Jacobsen serving as executive producer.

Mena Suvari - THE HAUNTING OF NICOLE BROWN SIMPSON - More Details Come in





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