Slaughter Hoards Of Demons In Ultraviolent Shooter HELLBOUND

Before loot boxes and microtransactions corrupted the gaming industry, the best way to relax at the end of a stressful day was to fire up your PC or console and go on a murderous rampage through the depths of Hell. And we’re about to return to those glory days, as developer Saibot Studios have launched a Kicksarter campaign the finance Hellbound, which will be a throwback to all the classic shooters of the 1990s, albeit with much better visuals. As the first video below points out, Hellbound will be a ’90s shooter released 20 years later.

Saibot have utilized the Unreal Engine 4 to make Hellbound, which explains why the game has such polished-looking visuals despite being made on a tight budget. Whilst the Kickstarter will allow the team to complete Hellbound’s survival mode,, it won’t be enough for the to develop a full single-player campaign, hence why they are planning to approach investors for additional funding after the Kickstarter ends. A console release has yet to be confirmed, but we know for sure that Hellbound will be coming to PC.

The give you an idea of just how violent this game will be, the character you play as is named Hellgore, and he’s described as ‘a huge ass mother fucker who loves killing Demons in Hell’. Weapons at your disposal will include everything from the Head Crusher spiked club to a rocket launched made out of demon bones, so you certainly won’t be running out of ways to carry out your rampage. If you’d also like to get an idea of the tunes you’ll be listening to as you send the demons to, er, to Hell, the Kickstarter page also features four samples of David Levill’s soundtrack.



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