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CONAN EXILES Was Censored To Avoid An Adults Only Rating From The ESRB



By now, most of you have probably spent more than a few hours exploring the lands of the Hyborian Age in Conan Exiles, although if you live in the US, you you should be aware that you’re actually playing a slightly censored version of the game.

For the American release of Conan Exiles, nudity had to be censored so that the game would not receive an Adults Only rating from the ESRB. This is because Sony and Microsoft do not allow AO rated games to be released on their systems, and most major retailers will also not stock AO rated products. Therefore, some of the more adult content in Conan Exiles, including exposed penises and testicles, were removed from the US version (we reported a while ago that a feature in the game would let you customize the size of your character’s penis). However, full nudity is still availalbe in the European version of Conan Exiles, and can be activated by downloading the ‘Nudity’ add-on which comes with the game purchase.

This news comes shortly after we learned that Agony also had to be censored on consoles to avoid an Adults Only rating, but thankfully, this kind of censorship is still relatively rare.

Conan Exiles was developed and published by Funcom (with physical releases being distributed by Deep Silver), and sold over one million copies whilst it was still in Early Access. Rest assured that whilst the nudity was toned down for the US release, all the brutal gore remains intact, so you can still decapitate and dismember your enemies and hear the lamentations of their women.



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