Stone and Helms Joins Creep Director’s New Casual Cannibalism Flick

sharonstone casino 2 750x422 - Stone and Helms Joins Creep Director's New Casual Cannibalism Flick

Ed Helms 218x300 - Stone and Helms Joins Creep Director's New Casual Cannibalism FlickI was a big fan of both Creep and Creep 2 so I tend to keep a close eye on what director Patrick Brice gets up to. Especially when his next movie features “casual cannibalism.” Nice.

The upcoming film is called Corporate Animals (get it?) and today we’ve learned the dark comedy will feature Sharon Stone and Ed Helms.

Brice is directing a script by Sam Bain (Four Lions) which follows the egotistical CEO of a firm that makes edible cutlery (Stone). During a team-building weekend caving in Mexico, disaster strikes, trapping them underground.

Corporate Animals is one of the funniest scripts we’ve seen and actually a little close to the bone at times,” Protagonist CEO Dave Bishop says. “This is not so much a reference to the occasional bit of cannibalism and more the office politics of a small business! Suffice to say, everyone at Protagonist loved it, it’s tremendous fun and we think buyers will find it just as hilarious as we did.”

Keith Calder and Jess Calder will produce alongside Mike Falbo and Ed Helms. Protagonist Pictures is launching to buyers in Cannes. The film is set to shoot on location in New Mexico this summer.

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