James Gunn Working on THE TOXIC AVENGER 5

Toxic Gunn 750x422 - James Gunn Working on THE TOXIC AVENGER 5

2014 10 15 James Gunn 243x300 - James Gunn Working on THE TOXIC AVENGER 5

Update: James Gunn is not working on The Toxic Avenger 5. More information here.

It was just the other day that we let you guys know that Troma is hoping to get their remake/reboot of The Toxic Avenger rolling soon and today we have word that they also have a fifth entry in the series headed our way as well.

It is definitely coming,” Troma Entertainment chief Lloyd Kaufman told SFX magazine. “The problem is that we need to get our new Troma movie, Shakespeare’s Shitstorm, which is our version of The Tempest, out into the cinemas and on DVD so that we can get some money together for it.”

He continues: “This is a very ambitious Toxic Avenger movie. The script is complete and it will focus on Toxie’s two children who, 20 years after part four, have all grown up. And one has mutated into a very strange being. Toxie is going to go to Chernobyl in this one. It will cost just $100,000 – but I think it is the best one yet.”

And if all of that wasn’t cool enough, it turns out that writer-director James Gunn (Slither, Guardians of the Galaxy) is helping out with The Toxic Avenger 5 script (in some fashion)!

I have worked with James Gunn and the script we have for The Toxic Avenger 5 is the finest I have read,” Kaufman says. “It shows Toxie fighting the bureaucrats and the obnoxious rich people who are harming the people of Tromaville.”

As many of you know, Gunn has a history with Troma having penned the cult classic Tromeo & Juliet back in the day. Let’s hope, whatever his contributions are to this new chapter of New Jersey’s first superhero, Troma keeps them at the forefront.

And while we’re here, I want to point out how fucking cool I think it is of Gunn to keep Troma in his life, even after hitting it big. Gunn could have left the low-budget studio in the dust, but he not only supports the studio to this day (he makes room for Lloyd Kaufman cameos in even his biggest movies), but now it seems like he’s helping out behind the scenes still as well.

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