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Conrad Faraj Gives Us An Exclusive Scoop On THE BRAINWASHING OF CLAIRE WRAY



With his alien invasion thriller Fighting the Sky screening at Cannes this month, director Conrad Faraj is already prepping for his next film, The Brainwashing of Claire Wray. Casting is already underway, and filming set to being towards the end of summer in Cleveland, Ohio.

In The Brainwashing of Claire Wray, a young model is invited by a prolific photographer to an outdoor fashion retreat, but she soon finds herself consumed with paranoia as she believes that an unearthly presence is haunting her.

Ever a friend to Dread Central, Faraj provided us with an exclusive statement about The Brainwashing of Claire Wray, which you can read in its entirety below:

Since I wrapped filming on The Colours of Desire two summers ago, I’ve been dreaming up of what kind of story I want to tell next. Having spent the last two years extensively cutting and re-cutting movies, I have felt that my brain has been working in overtime putting the puzzle pieces together on a variety of productions. I feel like after making The Colours of Desire I became a proper filmmaker, but one with a constant need for learning the craft. Making a movie is a massive commitment, because sometimes you might be stuck with that very idea for years as you go from pre-production to post-production.

It’s a long and arduous process, which has made me a more selective filmmaker. However, after months of planning and conceptualizing, my team and I have finally found an incredible story worth telling, and one worthy of committing to. It’s a psychedelic genre-blend of horror and science fiction. The title of my next film is The Brainwashing of Claire Wray.

We hope to bring you news more on The Brainwashing of Claire Wray as it becomes available. Until then, another of Faraj’s movies, The Wolf Family Treasure, is set to premiere this fall.



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