Fede Alvarez Debates Tackling EVIL DEAD 2 or DON’T BREATHE 2 Next

Evil Dead 214x300 - Fede Alvarez Debates Tackling EVIL DEAD 2 or DON'T BREATHE 2 NextRecently we passed along the super-sad news that Brue Campbell will no longer be playing Ash in another Evil Dead film (or TV series). And I don’t know about you, but that makes me think that maybe it’s time to revisit Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead remake and give Jane Levy’s Mia another go at the chainsaw.

Well if you’ve been thinking the same thing you’ll be excited to hear that maybe we’ll know sooner than later as director Fede Alvarez took to Twitter this weekend and asked “What should I do?” listing potential projects as Evil Dead 2, Don’t Breathe 2, and “Stop Making Movies.”

Evil Dead 2 got a 70% response, Don’t Breathe 2 snagged 20% of the votes, and “Stop Making Movies” garnered a mere 10%.

Whether or not this actually means that Alvarez will move onto Evil Dead 2 after finishing up The Girl in the Spider’s Web is, of course, up in the air. But it IS cool as shit that he’s at least up for the idea. Bring it on, I say!

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