Cancel the Apocalypse with Pacific Rim: Extinction Board Game

pacific rim extinction board game 750x422 - Cancel the Apocalypse with Pacific Rim: Extinction Board Game

The future of the Pacific Rim franchise will probably depend on how Uprising performs at the box office, but until then, fans can rejoice in the fact that a Kickstarter campaign has been launched for an official Pacific Rim board game.

Titled Pacific Rim: Extinction, the game is being created by River Horse, who worked very closely with Legendary Pictures to ensure that everything from the Pacific Rim movies is depicted as accurately as possible. It will feature scenario-driven strategy campaigns which can be played by two or more players, giving you the option of saving humanity or driving it to extinction.

And yes, as you’ve probably already guessed, the game will include awesome painted miniature figures of both the Jaegers and the Kaiju, which stand between 75-115 mm tall. They are also represented in their relative sizes from the movies, meaning that the organic Kaiju will be noticeably larger than the robotic Jaegers. The core set will contain figures of both Gypsy Danger and Shrikethorn, in addition to a set of 3D skyscraper models and a full color rulebook, with extra figures becoming available if the funding manages to hit its stretch goals.

The campaign will run until April 4, and Pacific Rim Uprising will stomp into theaters on March 23.

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