SHHH! Episode 7 Survives Diaster!

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It’s been a spooky week full of natural disasters and box office bombs, and we here at SHHH have got you covered as usual. Read on for the latest!

DerrickH survived Hurricane Irene without the concern of Ted and Sub-Z, who were far to busy watching Birdemic again. But thankfully he’s able to make it to Classic Streaming Movie night.

Raychul says there’s very little to be “Afraid” of in the “Dark.Oldboy finds its Oldboy. “Rafael” calls in from the midst of a desert zombie attack. Lemmings makes an awkward return. Plus, we discuss some of our favorite “Fuck You” endings as well as the chances of an actual zombie outbreak succeeding.

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    shhh - SHHH! Episode 7 Survives Diaster!

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