As Darkness Falls Preparing for Premiere; New Episodes with Guest Stars Resume Production Soon

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As Darkness FallsWith As Darkness Falls… set to premiere in just over a month, John C. Alsadek of Blue Hours Productions dropped us a line to let us know they are hard at work preparing for the horror anthology show’s second season, which includes some guest stars genre fans should be pretty excited about.

Alsadek tells Dread Central, “Now that we’ve got the first batch of episodes ready to go out the door, we’re planning for when we resume production in October. In particular, we have some surprising guest stars in the works – as a lifelong fan of horror, sci-fi and fantasy, I’m very excited about them.”

Already confirmed as guests are a pair of actresses with extensive TV and film resumes: Elizabeth Gracen and Kathleen Kinmont (pictured below, l-r). Ms. Gracen is best known for her role as the Immortal Amanda on the TV show “Highlander” and starred in its spinoff series “Highlander: The Raven”. Ms. Kinmont co-starred on the Lorenzo Lamas series “Renegade” but is more familiar to horror fans for her roles in Bride of Reanimator and Halloween 4.

Adds Alsedek, “Lizzie and Kathleen are a nice fit for our group – consummate professionals and very personable. We’re going to write some great parts for them!”

 Elizabeth Gracen and Kathleen Kinmont to guest star in As Darkness Falls...

Additionally, Blue Hours is working on bringing in two actors who are already iconic figures, yet are still performing even as they enter their mid-80’s. Bob Hastings is best known to baby boomers as Lt. Elroy Carpenter on “McHale’s Navy” but has a vast resume stretching over seven decades. High points include his spot as a regular cast member on the classic sci-fi radio series X Minus One, providing the voice of Commissioner Gordon in “Batman: The Animated Series” and other DC animated shows, and as Capt. Ramsey on “General Hospital”.

H.M. Wynant is likewise remembered most for a particular role – in his case, his star turn in the classic “Twilight Zone” episode entitled “The Howling Man”. However, Mr. Wynant has assayed a wide variety of roles over the past 60 years, from his early guest appearances on shows like “Perry Mason” and “The Wild Wild West” to his most recent work on the “Twilight Zone”audio adaptations.

“Working with Mr. Hastings and Mr. Wynant would be a dream come true for me”, notes Dana Perry-Hayes of Blue Hours. “John and I both grew up watching them on TV, and I’m humbled by the fact that they’re still at it and still doing great work.”

As Darkness Falls… is a horror anthology radio program in the tradition of classics such as Lights Out!, Inner Sanctum, and CBS Radio Mystery Theatre. The show will be released by Speaking Volumes in three different formats: as individual MP3 downloads, as audiobooks, and in national radio syndication.

For more info be sure to visit the official Blue Hours Productions website and “like” Blue Hours Productions on Facebook.

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