Fox and MGM Opening their Vaults and Delivering the MOD Goods! Early Sneak Peek: Quatermass! I Come in Peace! Sugar Hill! And More!


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Fans of classic horror and cheesy Eighties movies have just received the green light to shit their pants with joy! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s MOD (Manufacturing on Demand) initiative is once again unleashing MGM’s vaults with a stellar collection of long gone classics!

In September be prepared to break your banks as we have your first look at some of the upcoming hard to find titles that lay in the not too distant future!

The Living Ghost (1942) – James Dunn stars as Nick Trayne, a retired detective, hired to look for missing banker Walter Craig. During the investigation Craig shows up in a zombie-like state and murders his brother-in-law. But is the banker the killer or is someone controlling him? The trail leads Nick to the real culprit, a mad scientist, who has been conducting experiments on Craig. Stars James Dunn; Joan Woodbury; Paul McVey. Directed by William Beaudine.

The Quartermass Xperiment (aka Creeping Unknown) (1955) – A spacecraft returns to earth with only one terrified passenger left aboard…and a creeping monster. Stars Brian Donlevy; Margia Dean; Jack Warner; Richard Wordsworth. Directed by Val Guest.

Act of Vengeance (1974) – Five raped women band together to form a “Rape Squad”…to avenge themselves on the sadistic man who attacked them and who gets off by forcing the women to sing “Jingle Bells” as he assaults them. Stars Jo Ann Harris; Jennifer Lee; Connie Strickland. Directed by Bob Kelljan.

Sugar Hill (1974) – “Sugar Hill” avenges the mob’s murder of her fiance. To accomplish her deed, she gets help from a man skilled in voodoo who conjures up black zombies from the grave. Stars Marki Bey; Robert Quarry; Don Pedro Colley; Betty Anne Rees; Richard Lawson; Zara Cully. Directed by Paul Maslansky.

Consuming Passions (1988) – A satire about what happens when three men are accidentally shoved into a vat of chocolate in a candy factory…and chocolate lovers favor the resulting confections. Stars Vanessa Redgrave; Jonathan Pryce; Tyler Butterworth; Freddie Jones; Prunella Scales; Sammi Davis; Thora Hird. Directed by Giles Foster.

Dark Angel (aka I Come in Peace) (1990) – A police detective must stop the murderous rampage of a criminal alien who’s addicted to human endorphins. Stars Dolph Lungren; Betsy Brantley; Brian Benben. Directed by Craig R. Baxley.

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