Killer Eye Sequel Trailer Teases Hot Girl-on-Eyeball Action

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Hollywood just doesn’t make enough movies about horny alien eyeballs that shoot lasers and stalk nubile young women in search of prime breeding stock. That’s why the world needs filmmakers like Charles Band and movies like Killer Eye: Haunted Halloween.

I’ve already written regarding my near disbelief that Charles Band would even be interested in making a sequel to the 1999 softcore stinker The Killer Eye, a movie about an inter-dimensional eyeball looking to procreate. I seem to recall Jacqueline Lovell naked hentai eyeball action being the only thing worth watching in the 1999 Full Moon flick The Killer Eye. Did that movie go and develop a cult following while I wasn’t looking, or does Charles Band just instinctively understand that one doesn’t need a good reason to make a movie about hypnotic disembodied eyeball rape?

From the looks of the trailer, Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt could be the most meta Full Moon movie ever; watching the original movie somehow causes a statue replica of the Killer Eye prop to come to life in search of suitable breeding stock. Since it comes to life at a Halloween sleepover where hot-bodied actresses Ariana Madix, Olivia Alexander, Erica Rhodes, Chelsea Leigh Edmundson, and Lauren Furs have gathered for a little bad movie girl time, suffice to say it has plenty of motivation for procreation.

This is not a red band trailer so you’ll have to wait and see Killer Eye: Haunted Halloween for all the hot girl-on-girl, girl-on-eyeball action the movie appears to be promising.

No release date yet, but considering the movie’s subtitle is “Halloween Haunt”, it sure would make sense to get this out on DVD shelves by Halloween.

kehh - Killer Eye Sequel Trailer Teases Hot Girl-on-Eyeball Action

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Written by Steve Barton

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